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Shed Base Company has many useful hints and tips on how to install a plastic shed base. Many of these are posted within our blog pages. All blogs posts are aimed to help the decerning gardener to create the most amazing features they will be proud of to call their hard work and amazing creation. 

  • 8ft x 8ft Plastic Shed Base - Brenda's Review


    8ft x 8ft Plastic Shed Base - Brenda's Review

    With the recent heatwave that took the UK completely by surprise, there is no better time to be sorting out your garden. Whether that be planting some flowers, a little landscaping or installing a new shed or greenhouse. The slight drop in temperature means you can get any hard work done without having to stop every 5 minutes to cool down! Brenda did just that, read on to find out more about her summer project!

  • Plastic Shed Base (A Year Later) - Gary's Review


    Plastic Shed Base (A Year Later) - Gary's Review

    When it comes to buying a relatively unknown product you can be wary of whether or not it will last as long as they suggest it will. If some visitors to our site have had that exact thought then this blog is for you. Gary, a customer of ours from 2016 called in earlier in the year with a friend and told us his story of him and his Plastic Shed Base. A year on and the base is doing fantastically well. Read on to learn more;

  • How To Build A Plastic Shed Base


    How To Build A Plastic Shed Base

    With the feedback we have received from a few customers in the past we have decided to create a "How to Build a Plastic Shed Base" Blog to help any customers who are thinking of buying or have already bought the base through the process of laying our incredibly strong and easy to lay base. Going through the entire project in simple steps listing each material needed, everyone can follow this guide to install their own base. Should there be any questions regarding the installation process that this guide has not answered for you then please do not hesitate to leave us a comment stating what else you would like to know. Happy base installing!

  • 6ft x 4ft Plastic Shed Base Kit [Customer Review]


    6ft x 4ft Plastic Shed Base Kit Customer Review

    With summer quickly approaching and the sun creeping out from behind the clouds, now is the perfect time to get your garden sorted for the foreseeable future. With possible BBQ's or just some lounging around on the horizon there is no better time to get yourself a brand new shed. You can store all of your gardening tools, deck chairs, fold out tables and maybe even toys in there! With that good of an investment waiting to be claimed make sure you get your wooden or metal building of opportunity the correct foundations to have the best chance of surviving for years to come. In this case study Shouvik has just ordered his Shed and needs a base, read on to see what he did decide on.

  • 10ft x 8ft Plastic Summerhouse Base [Customer Review]


    10ft x 8ft Plastic Summerhouse Base Customer Review

    With spring upon us and summer quickly approaching many of us glance over to our gardens that have been neglected throughout the winter months. If your garden is looking in need of a little TLC why not get your restoration project underway as soon as possible using our Plastic Shed Bases. Providing an almost invisible when filled foundation on which to stand a brand new shed or summerhouse for everyone's use throughout the summer months and beyond! This case study shows Brian giving his garden some TLC, read on to see what he did to make sure his garden is more than ready for the summer!

  • 6ft x 4ft Plastic Playhouse Base [Customer Review]


    6ft x 4ft Plastic Playhouse Base - Customer Review

    The closer and closer it gets to summer the awful thought of "how will we keep the kids occupied?" crosses your mind. Around and around it goes in your head, you may well be taking them on holiday for 2 weeks, got them an Xbox but there will still be the complaint; "I'm Bored!". Which is what our customer in this blog has already planned against, buying a playhouse for his children to play in once the British summer arrives. However he also wants the playhouse to last for as long as possible, so the right foundations had to be in place. Read on to see the fantastic plastic base he chose to ensure the playhouse does last for years.

  • Garden Shed and Storage Unit Installation Review


    Garden Shed and Storage Unit Installation Review

    Everyone has that spare room in their house or the old garden shed, the dump it may as well be called. A few old toys, bikes, tools and lots more stuff you probably forgot you had. Why not tidy out that room or shed, keep the things you may need and take the rest to a charity shop? Then buy yourself a handy little storage unit for your Garden, a secure and inexpensive way to store your tools or bikes. Not only are they cheap but they also require little maintenance. Peter was looking for a suitable storage room and bought himself a plastic one from B&Q. The next stage was sorting out the base, see what he decided to do by reading on!

  • The Greenhouse Base Extension


    The Greenhouse Base Extension

    That's right! We have a sequel to "Greenhouse Base Customer Review". Who would have thought that? If you haven't read the first one already scroll down and have a read. If you have, come and see what Mike has done this time to improve his already brilliant Greenhouse. Well, spoiler alert; it's bigger by the end!

  • 7ft x 5ft Wooden Summerhouse Plastic Base Case Study


    7ft x 5ft Wooden Summerhouse Plastic Base Case Study

    Have you ever stood looking at your garden thinking "something is missing" but can't quite put your finger on it? If you haven't then please let everyone know your secret! If you have, like most of us, you're most likely 1 or 2 things away from making it perfect. Whether it be a place to relax or a nice feature just to spruce up the garden a little. In this case study Peter had the same thought, what could make this garden perfect? A summerhouse! Which lead him on a path, all the way to us, a plastic shed base company! Read on to see what Peter did to make his garden perfect!

  • 12ft x 8ft Plastic Shed Base Customer Review


    12ft x 8ft Plastic Shed Base Customer Review

    If you are already a shed or cabin owner with a wooden base, the chances are unless you have taken every precaution then your wood may have started to rot. This means water is being absorbed by the wood and damaging the support. It can be an extremely tough job replacing them. Using our shed base ensures that the ground under your base is permeable, so no water can get sucked up by your shed or the support. Meaning no big replacement job needed either, see what our customer Loron decided to go with in our blog below!

  • 8ft x 6ft Plastic Shed Base Installation [Customer Review]


    8ft x 6ft Plastic Shed Base Installation Customer Review

    We’ve all been there, searching the internet for a quick solution to your problem. Finding only the more common solutions which are usually either costly or require a whole lot of effort is most likely whats happened.

    Now imagine you've just got your new shed and need a base, you have concrete or wood bases. Which to choose? Why not search beyond the 'common' and find a base like ours! Lighter, easier to assemble and far quicker to lay, meaning your shed can be put to use the same day! Luis had just bought a new shed and needed a base, see if he went for the common option or not!

  • 7ft x 7ft Plastic Shed Base Installation Review


    7ft x 7ft Plastic Shed Base Installation Customer Review

    Needing a new shed is something almost everyone goes through in their life, but the thought of having to pay so much money for somone to come and lay a concrete base puts most people off even looking for a new shed. What if we told you there is a cheaper and quicker way to have a sturdy base for your shed? Read on to see what time and money saving yet still very effective base Joanne picked for her new shed!

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