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A Garden Paving Base Customer Review

Published on 04/09/2017

  • A Garden Paving Base Customer Review

A Garden Paving Base Customer Review

When selling a DIY product like our Plastic Shed Base panels, you never know what customers will do with the products you supply them with. This of course is a fantastic prospect as no matter how long you are business for there will always be one person who will surprise you with a use that may have not even crossed your mind. Our base and this case study are a great example of this, Martin was looking to transform his garden and instead of installing a new Shed he did something we didn't expect. To find out exactly what Martin did with our base panels, read on!

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The Project

Although our product is a Plastic Shed Base there are a number of uses for our panels, one customer told us how he used our Panels at the bottom of a gigantic fish tank (unfortunately there are no photos). In this case study Martin was looking to transform a disused area at the top of his garden into a relaxation zone with the idea of possibly buying a Hot Tub to stand there in the future. 

Martin researched online to find the best paving solution and after a bit of browsing found our website. He decided to use our base panels thanks to their strength, permeability and ease of use! The same day he found our website, Martin ordered enough panels to fill his unused garden area.

Read on to see how Martin used our base as a paving grid;

A Garden Paving Base Customer Review

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The Work

Martin began his project by planning out exactly what he would need and ensuring he had every tool and product he would require. 

To start the work he removed the existing lawn and soil to a depth of around 40mm and placed wooden beams around the edge of the area, this separates the areas of the garden well and also compliments the decorative gravel Martin also bought. With the area now cordoned off and stripped of the original contents Martin could begin preparing the ground before installing the Base Panels. On top of the remaining soil a small layer of sand was laid as a sub-base, this layer was then compacted down to ensure it was a solid base for the panels.

On top of the sub-base Martin began laying the Plastic Shed Base panels. Starting in one corner, he laid them one by one and simply connected them as he went along until the entire area had been filled. Some panels had to be trimmed but can be easily cut using just a handheld saw. Finally, with the panels now installed he began filling the entire area with decorative gravel. Around 8kg of gravel is needed to fill each individual panel. The entire laying of the flooring took no time at all and Martin told us how easy it was.

A Garden Paving Base Customer Review

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Martin was and still is incredibly happy with how the entire project turned out. With the help of our Shed Base Panels, 2 Pallets, a few Planks of Wood and some decorative gravel, Martin has transformed his disused area into a relaxing garden haven. As mentioned earlier, Martin told us how he also plans on using the area as a base for a Hot Tub in the future too which our base will perfect for.

A huge thank you to Martin for using our Plastic Shed Base for his DIY project and for sending us the photos and information to enable us to create this case study. Should you have any photos or information to share with us or any questions regarding our products then please do contact us.

A Garden Paving Base Customer Review

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