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Wooden Shed Bases

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Whichever shed base you choose, the simple fact remains that It is essential that you have a hard and level surface to build your shed onto. Without a strong & level base your shed could experience subsidence which could lead to bowing, cracking and even windows smashing.

Wooden shed bases are easy to construct, and are usually made from 70mm x 70mm tantalised wood which is screwed or plated together to create a surface area to place your shed onto. Tantalised timber usually comes with a maximum life guarantee of 15 years, but depending upon where the shed base has been located will determine if it can achieve this life span.

The biggest issue with wooden shed bases is moisture, which if in permanent of long term contact will cause the timber to rot which is likely to be at the joints where 2 timbers is joined creating the structural strength.

If failure happens in this area, your shed will begin to subside and will eventually crack and bow, leaving doors not fitting properly and windows cracking. Plastic shed base is made from Plastic this is non permeable to moisture and will not rot or decay over time ensuring that the structural joints will not give way and will continue to support your shed help to preserve your new shed for the whole of its life.

For more information of the plastic shed base, please contact one of our shed base consultants who will discuss the right type of shed base for your new shed, alternatively your please read one of our help guides about plastic shed base.


A detailed article on why you should use a plastic shed base or download the Shed Base Installation Guide.  Our Guide on how to Build a Plastic Shed base explains how easy they are to assemble in more detail.


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