6ft x 4ft Plastic Shed Base Installed Under A Fearnwood Products Shed - Featured Image
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6ft x 4ft Plastic Shed Base Installed Under A Fearnwood Products Shed

This case study comes courtesy of Peter who had recently purchased himself a 6ft x 4ft Shed from Fearnwood Products who are based in Benfleet. The new shed was to be installed on Peter’s allotment, however there is a rule in place which states that ‘concrete bases cannot be installed on this allotment’. This meant that Peter needed an alternative base that was not permanent and could be relocated or removed at any time.

Choosing A Plastic Shed Base

Peter began researching online for alternative shed bases to find out what options he had. After not long, he came across our website and our fully recycled plastic shed bases and began reading up on their many benefits such as: being strong (able to hold up to 420 tonnes per sqm), durable, lightweight, easy to install, permeable and UV and weather resistant.

After discovering the benefits of our bases and seeing that it met the requirements to be installed on his allotment, Peter ordered a 6ft x 4ft Plastic Shed Base which was dispatched and delivered to his home within 3 working days.

Membrane & Base Installed
Base Installed & Filled With Gravel
Close Up of Base and Gravel

Installing The Plastic Shed Base & Shed

Peter received his base on a Friday and started the installation on Saturday. Using the included installation guide, Peter was able to have his base completed in no time at all.

He started by removing the top layer of grass and soil to leave an exposed surface of soil. The ground at the allotment was already flat so there was no levelling work required by Peter. On to the soil, he laid a sheet of membrane which is used to prevent weeds and plants from growing up and through the base whilst still allowing water to drain away naturally.

With the membrane in place Peter could begin installing his 6ft x 4ft plastic shed base. Starting in one corner and laying one panel at a time, Peter simply laid each panel in place before connecting it to neighbouring panels using the specially designed slot and peg system. He repeated this process over and over until the entire base had been installed.

The second to last step was to fill the base with up to 20mm gravel. Around 8kg of gravel is required to fill one panel of your base so you can work out roughly how much gravel you will need to complete your entire base. For example; there are 24 panels in a 6ft x 4ft shed base, so around 192kg of gravel is needed to completely fill the base.

Finally, all that was left for Peter to do was to wait for Fearnwood to deliver and erect his shed!


A huge thank you to Peter for sharing the details and photos of his installation to allow us to create this case study. His new shed and base look fantastic and will no doubt prove to be a great addition to his allotment!

Peter said: “The plastic shed base is a great product and our shed is fantastic, we are really pleased with results!”

If you have any photos of your base installation or have any questions regarding our products then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Shed Installation Complete

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