An 8ft x 6ft Plastic Base Under A Greenhouse Stores’ Greenhouse

This case study comes from Rosie who had recently ordered an 8ft x 6ft Halls Popular Greenhouse from the Greenhouse Stores. After she had ordered it was recommended that she should look at using a plastic base as the foundation.

“The greenhouse is a halls popular that we bought online from Greenhouse Stores and it was them that suggested using a plastic base”

Finding 8ft x 6ft Greenhouse Base

Following the recommendation, Rosie began searching online for plastic greenhouse bases to see if she would go ahead with using one and soon came across our website and fully recycled plastic bases. She began reading up on our bases many benefits such as:

  • Strong (able to hold 420 tonnes per m²),
  • Lightweight & easy to install,
  • Permeable,
  • UV & weather resistant.
8ft x 6ft Greenhouse Base

The benefits of the base persuaded Rosie to use our foundation. She ordered an 8ft x 6ft plastic base & a 1m x 12m base membrane on a Tuesday morning, her order was sent out the same day and arrived at her home on the Thursday.

Greenhouse Base Installed

Installing Base & Greenhouse

Rosie received her base and began the installation as soon as she could. Her greenhouse was to be installed next to her shed and the current ground was a weedy soil area.

She measured out an 8ft x 6ft area and marked this out. As the ground was currently soil, this meant that Rosie would need to prepare the ground before she could install the base.

To start the ground preparations, all of the weeds were removed leaving a ‘clean’ soil area. On top of the newly exposed soil, Rosie laid a layer of hardcore which was compacted down well and levelled accurately. From here, Rosie rolled out and laid her sheet for membrane to completely cover the hardcore – membrane is used to stop weeds from growing up and through the base and gravel whilst still allowing water to drain away naturally.

On to the membrane, the 8ft x 6ft plastic greenhouse base was to be installed. Rosie started in one corner and laid one panel at a time, connecting each neighbouring piece together as she went along using the specially designed slot and peg system. The process of laying and connecting was repeated until her entire base had been installed which took no time at all.

Next, Rosie filled the base and surrounding area with angular gravel that had been purchased. We estimate that 8kg of gravel is needed to fill each panel so you can work out roughly how much gravel you will need to fill your full base.

Finally, with her base filled and surrounding area covered all that was left to do was to wait for her new greenhouse to be delivered and follow the instructions to construct it and install on to the plastic base!


A fantastic installation which looks great and will be a useful part of Rosie’s garden for years to come. Rosie was and still is very pleased with her new Halls Popular greenhouse and plastic greenhouse base! As you can see from the photos in this blog she has already begun growing and getting her green fingers!

A big thank you to Rosie for sharing the photos and details of her installation. If you have any photos of your project to share with us then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Greenhouse Install Completed

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