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8ft x 7ft Greenhouse Base Installation – By The Sheffield Greenman

This case study comes from Sheffield Greenman Gardening Services, who had received an enquiry from a potential customer who was looking to have a new Greenhouse installed in a disused part of their garden. Michael needed to create a base that would meet the needs of his customer, read on to see what product he decided to use.


Michael's customer had said how they wanted their greenhouse installing on a disused bed, but as they had looked after the soil so well it was far too soft for a greenhouse to be installed straight on to. The area was also on a slope both lengthways and widthways and the customer specified a planting area in the floor of the greenhouse so a gap was needed in the middle of the base which would be very difficult to achieve using concrete.

Michael decided to research to find an easy to lay and customisable base that he could use under the new greenhouse, which is when he came across our website and fully recycled, plastic Greenhouse Base.


After reading up on our base and finding out that it was easy to install, strong, permeable and customisable, he ordered 44 Base Panels to enable him to create the desired base. Michael's order was delivered to the customers home the next working day via DPD. Michael then visited a local builders merchant to purchase a tonne of hardcore for the sub-base. See how he installed the base below!



Michael arrived at his customers house, took his packaged base and proceeded to unpack the greenhouse base on to the grass before starting to preparing his sub-base ground.

Michael began by digging out a 8ft x 7ft area in the disused bed and moved some of the well kept soil to other beds or disposed of it responsibly. From here he began to lay the sub-base, he poured out the hardcore into the excavated area and began to compact and level the entire area as well as he could. Michael told us that levelling the sub-base was by far the hardest part of the job due to the gardens naturally sloping.

Once the sub-base was as level as possible, Michael began laying the 8ft x 7ft Plastic Greenhouse Base. He started in one corner and laid one panel at a time and simply connected each piece together until he had created the shape he wanted. The final shape was a 8ft x 7ft base with 12 panels missing from the middle in which soil will be installed. Michael told us how easy the base was to install:

"The plastic panels were quick and easy to lay, I used a wooden mallet to tap the joins firmly into place."

With the base installed, Michael began building the Greenhouse. Following the instructions he built the structure and installed the glass panels. He said that thanks to our base being a 93% open structure, the greenhouse supports could be easily fitted in to the holes of the panels.

"The panels formed a perfect solid base to work on, and the ground spikes for the greenhouse base fit easily through the gaps in the base."

As you can see from the photos in this blog, Michael did a fantastic job of creating the base and building the greenhouse!


Michael and his customer are incredibly pleased with their new greenhouse and plastic base. Michael was able to achieve everything that was asked of him thanks to his choice of base and hard work. A big thank you to Michael for sharing the photos and information of this project with us, more examples of his great work are on his Facebook page.

Should you have any photos of a project to share with us or any questions regarding our products then please do not hesitate to contact us.

7ft-x-8ft-Greenhouse-Base-Installation-Finished Project

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