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Building a Foundation You Can Trust For Any Garden Building

Start by building the correct foundation for your shed

Our plastic shed base panels are the start of a great new project. The shed base is where ever new shed begins.

The panels used in the foundation have the dimensions of 330 x 330 x 40 mm. The shed base may be where you start your shed but that size shed base can always change. If for some reason you need to trim the shed base panels all you need to do is use a fine tooth saw to trim away the excess parts of your plastic shed base panels.

The area on which you wish to lay your new base should be level and cleared of any unwanted items.

By ensuring ground is level and cleared it will provide a secure area to build your shed base on. Our plastic shed bases are made from 100% recycled plastic. By using the recycled plastic to make the foundation we are helping to save Mother Nature.

We are also preventing more plastic waste from being tossed into the already over flowing landfills. It takes 450 years for plastic to decompose in the landfill. Since the plastic shed bases are made of recycled plastic that plastic waste won’t end up causing more damage to our planet. Go Green!

The panels used in the bases can be purchased as individual panels or as complete kits. The kit includes: shed base panels, ground cover membrane and fixing pegs. Also included in the kit used for the shed base is a complete set of instructions to make sure the installation is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Check out our base kits here.

Whether you are creating a small shed or a large shed you need to have a good solid shed base. The panels used in the shed base are UV and weather resilient. The panels are lightweight and easy to install.

The panels in the shed base have a unique interlocking system which helps make the installation a snap.

Simply line up the edges of two panels and snap the interlocking system into place. There you have it; your first two pieces of the shed base are ready to go. The base will be finished in no time. You are on your way to building an awesome shed with a sturdy shed base.

Foundation You Can Trust

Plastic shed bases are the better option compared to the concrete, metal or wood shed bases. The concrete, metal and wood shed bases will crack, rust and breakdown over time and will become victim to the changes in seasons and weather. The plastic bases will, however, not crack, rust or breakdown because it is made from recycled plastic which remains tried and true throughout the various seasons and weather changes.

Protect your keepsakes on the sturdy shed base. You won’t have to worry about the weather. The unique design and protective membrane used in the installation of the shed base will keep the weather away from your precious keepsakes.

Start your project strong and use the 100% recycled plastic shed bases for your shed needs.

A detailed article on why you should use a plastic shed base or download the Shed Base Installation Guide.  Our Guide on how to Build a Plastic Shed base explains how easy they are to assemble in more detail.

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