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No Base? No Worries

A new potting shed, storage shed or summerhouse can be a wonderful addition to a property. However, many people who purchase ready made timber outbuildings do not make provision for supporting them and protecting them from moisture and providing them with an adequate base.

Here are a few tips for managing the installation of a shed or other small timber building or green house. Concrete or treated wood frame have been the traditional materials to provide foundations for garden buildings. However they each have there own drawbacks, cost, practicality and work involved to name a few.

A new way of thinking is a much cheaper, quicker, easier option. The plastic shed base.

  • Choose a level area of ground where you wish the building to be erected. Make sure the ground is as level and compact as possible.
  • Lay a layer of membrane over the area to provide protection from weed growth.
  • Clip the pieces of grid together to make the area you desire and lay on the membrane.
  • Erect the shed/greenhouse/any outdoor building

Shed Base and Gravel

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