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How to Calculate Your Plastic Shed Base Size - Shed Base Company

How to Calculate Your Plastic Shed Base Size

When buying sheds, summerhouses, wendyhouses or play equipment, it can be very difficult to work out what size of base you need. We at the Shed Base Company understand that there's not a lot of help out there and we have produced this guide to get you going. You'll be pleased to know that there actually isn't much you need to do and by following our simple sizing guide, we can get you on your way in no time. If you need help or advice, you can still contact us either through the live chat or by phone or email using the details in our Contact Us page.

Step 1. Calculate Shed Base Size - Plastic Shed Base Company

Using a tape measure which measures in feet and inches (if you only have a metric tape measure which gives you the sizes in metres or centimetres, you can follow this link to help convert the size into imperial) first measure across the width of your desired Plastic Shed Base area, making a note of the result. If your measurement is an "odd" measurement e.g. 5 feet and 4 inches, round up to the next whole foot, making 5'4" a rounded 6'.

Sizing a Shed Base - Plastic Shed Base Company Step 2.

With the tape measure, measure the length of the area to be covered by the shed base and make a note of the result.

Step 3. Calculating Surface Area - Plastic Shed Base Company

Using a calculator (or your brainpower if you're super-smart!) multiply the two numbers together. E.g. 6' x 4' = 24 square feet. As our panels are nominally 1 square foot, this number gives you the number of panels you need to create your shed base. So a 6' x 4' shed will require a 24 panel shed base.

Plastic Shed Base Panel - Plastic Shed Base Company

 Step 4. 

If you can't see a product on our website which matches your size requirements, you can simply purchase the number of panels necessary for your shed base area. To save you the trouble of looking for the product listing on the website, you can click here to take you there directly.

Further Guidance: Further Guidance - Plastic Shed Base Company

We are frequently asked by our customers if our shed bases can be combined to create a bigger area, which they can, however you need to be sure that you are selecting the right quantity and size of shed base kit. It's a very easy mistake to think that for your 12' x 8' shed you can simply purchase two 6' x 4' shed base kits. However if we do the maths, the problem quickly becomes clear:

12' x 8' = 96 square feet (96 panels)

6' x 4' = 24 square feet (24 panels)

2 x 24 = 48! Half of the amount needed for your base.

12' x 8' is also equal to FOUR 6' x 4' bases.

4 x 24 = 96


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