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How To Build a Plastic Shed Base.


Plastic Shed Base Installation Guide.

The following installation guide is a typical installation method for laying a Plastic Shed Base onto an existing grassed or turf area as an alternative to a traditional concrete shed base. This installation guide can be adapted to suit any suitable area or any type of garden structure.


1.    Preparing the ground for your Plastic Shed Base to be laid onto:

Your Plastic Shed Base must be laid onto a surface which is hard and level. This will ensure that over time your plastic shed base does not subside or move causing damage to your shed or garden structure.

Providing that your ground conditions are well compacted and level, your Plastic Shed Base can be laid directly onto a grass or turf area, however we recommend the following installation instructions.

a.     Identify the location of your new shed / garden structure

b.    Measure out and mark the area where you will be installing your Plastic Shed Base.

c.     Remove the existing turf from the area removing the subsoil to a suitable depth to allow the Plastic Shed Base to be installed. A depth of 70mm will allow for the surface of the Plastic Shed Base to be flush with the existing grassed or turf area.  

d.    Into the excavated area, lay a suitable Woven Geotextile landscape membrane and secure with membrane staples. The Woven Geotextile landscape membrane will ensure that weeds do not grow through the Plastic Shed Base.

e.    Onto the Geotextile ground cover membrane lay a bedding layer approximately 30mm deep of a 5-20mm diameter angular gravel or crushed aggregate and compact down well ensuring that the surface is hard and level. If required level the area with a sharp sand.


2.    Installing your Plastic Shed Base.


a.     Your Plastic Shed Base will arrive packed with 4 panels connected together making an area of approximately 66 x 66cms with layers of panels making up the total number of panels to make your Plastic Shed base.

b.    Each Panel is 330x330x40 and connects together by clicking the panels into place using the slot and peg system.

c.     Starting in 1 corner, place the Plastic Shed Base onto the flat level surface prepared clicking the panels together as you move away from the corners to create your required area.

d.    When the Plastic Shed Base has been laid, fill with a suitable angular gravel or angular aggregate, this will create a solid surface to place you shed onto. The Plastic Shed Base is 40mm deep and requires approximately 8 kgs of gravel or angular aggregate per panel

e.    Backfill around the edges of the plastic Shed Base between the existing grassed areas of the newly laid Plastic Shed Base with a 60:40 sand soil or compost root zone blend and seed to help your new Plastic Shed base to blend into the existing area.


3.    Installing your Shed onto the Plastic Shed Base.


a.     Having followed the instructions to prepare the ground and lay the Plastic Shed Base, you are now ready to lay your new shed or garden structure on to the Plastic Shed base. This can be done by following the manufacturer’s guidelines.

b.    Once your shed has been erected and If the area of your Plastic Shed Base is larger than the footprint of your shed, you can fill the area with gravel, creating a French drain effect or fill with 60:40 sand soil or compost root zone blend and seed to blend in the old and new areas.


Watch our Installation Video to see how to install our Plastic Shed Bases;


If you have any further questions about Plastic Shed Base or the Installation method, please do not hesitate to contact us on the phone on: 01246 589021 by email to:  sales@plasticshedbase.co.uk  Click on the following link to download a full version pdf of Plastic Shed Base Installation guide.


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