Great garden furniture for under £100

We’ve had a couple of great weekends weather-wise now and hopefully, it’s only going to get better. With the summer season just around the corner people will take any opportunity to get outside. If you haven’t already got yourself a great set of garden furniture, don’t worry it’s not too late and it’s not all so expensive you’ll need to wait for the sales. Al fresco dining could be just around the corner, just take a look at some of these bargains.   B&M garden furniture B&M is the home…

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The Dos and Don’ts of Disguising a Septic Tank Cover

Septic tank cover

Although they’re unavoidable in rural areas for reasons we’re all aware of. They’re an eyesore for the people who have no choice but to accommodate them on their property. Thankfully, the tank is often buried in the ground with a thick cover being the only access point. However, as access is required semi-regularly, hiding it is not as simple as covering it over permanently. To avoid any nasty disasters – you know what we mean – we’ve put together a comprehensive list of possible disguises. We’ve also added in a…

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Improving your Winter Garden – The How-to Guide

Winter is a pretty sad time for our gardens. Your garden will generally look pretty dark and damp. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. There are plenty of ways to improve the look of your winter garden. Take a look at our top tips that will allow you to enjoy your garden all year round.   Trees Choose trees that’ll be the centre of attention in spring and autumn. Beautiful blossom and long lasting fruits are exactly what you should be looking for. Fruit trees are particularly popular…

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Great garden gifts for Christmas 2017

Garden Gifts

Keen gardeners are notoriously difficult to buy for at Christmas because in terms of tools, they’ve usually got everything they need and more. This means you need to work out those things that they’ve not yet worked out they need. Here we’ve come up with a selection of great ideas for any green fingered member of your family.   Gardener’s World subscription A subscription is a great gift that can be enjoyed throughout the year and is perfect, whatever your budget. There’s currently a great offer available direct through the…

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Beautiful Gardens to Visit Around the UK


Whether you’re naturally green fingered or not, there’s something pretty relaxing about wondering around an impressive, well-kept garden. For some people, it might evoke garden envy. For others, it’s a distant appreciation and thankfulness that their own doesn’t take so much upkeep. There are so many amazing public gardens in the UK, it’d be impossible to include them all, so we’ve included just a few of our favourites.   Redhall Walled Garden Located on the west side of Edinburgh, Redhall Walled Garden isn’t like other public gardens. It’s a beautiful…

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