Top cheap barbecues for the summer

As I’m sure you know by now, it’s National BBQ Week – it’s all anyone’s been going on about. Everyone loves a barbecue, there’s no denying that. But not everyone wants to be the king of the grill. If you’re one of those people who doesn’t mind barbecuing a couple of times a year for your family but other than that you’d choose the oven all the way, then an all singing all dancing barbecue probably isn’t for you. After all, why spend money on something you’re not going to…

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How to barbecue on a budget

It’s National BBQ Week this week so a couple of barbecue posts are an essential. So, we’re starting off with the all-important barbecuing on a budget. Everyone loves a barbecue when the weather’s nice, but after the excitement of the initial invitation, very often for the host it ends up an expensive nightmare. However, there’s no need for a barbecue with friends to cost the earth, in fact it can be done very cheaply while still being very, very tasty. So, if you fancy a barbecue but need to do…

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Garden Games, Perfect for Summer Days

Garden Games

Whether you have friends over for a BBQ or you’re just passing the time with family, garden games are a summer staple. Outdoor games bring a touch of fun to an afternoon in the garden. These modern takes on classic games are ready to play without the need of reading a detailed instruction booklet which means the whole family can get involved – yep, Granny too. Limbo – Big Game Hunters – £22.99 A test of flexibility perfect for anyone who dares to get involved. There will certainly be a…

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Getting Your Garden BBQ Ready


With the warmer temperatures of the last couple of weeks, we’re pretty sure a fair few of you will have already have enjoyed your first barbecue of the year – and why not?! However, if your garden wasn’t quite ready for the occasion, so you were limited to the patio, or perhaps you’ve not had a barbecue at all yet this year, here are five easy tips that’ll help you get your garden looking ship shape and barbecue ready.   Mow that lawn! It’s the obvious, and probably the only,…

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