Creating a flowerbed from scratch

Gardens are the envy of many people and certainly many neighbours. A pristine, well landscaped garden is something we all long for. However, it’s something that seems out of reach for so many, despite being perfectly within reach. To create a perfect flowerbed from scratch you don’t need any special skills, or even any previous green-fingered experience because we’re about to show you how.   Remove grass and unwanted vegetation Once you’ve decided exactly where you’d like your garden bed to be, you need to remove all grass and vegetation…

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Chelsea 2017: Trends you can replicate at home

Chelsea Flower Show

This year’s Chelsea Flower Show, just like every year, was one of regal proportion. Every garden display was elegant, charming and perfectly executed. However, although this is the most well-known flower show in the UK, that doesn’t mean the gardens displayed are completely out of reach. You can’t pick them up and take them with you, but we’re going to show you the key trends you could definitely adopt.   Level changes Playing about with the levels in a garden adds drama, and provides more room for planting. This is…

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Attracting wildlife to your garden: the how to guide


Inviting wildlife into your garden is surprisingly easy and doesn’t cost a fortune. With our top tips you’ll have families of birds, mammals and bugs, enjoying your garden in no time. Bird/nesting boxes Bird boxes will encourage birds to breed in your garden but the types of birds you see will depend entirely on the type of box you introduce to your garden. When putting up nesting boxes you should ensure they’re sheltered and protected from the elements. Summer is always a good time to add them to your garden…

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Essential Gardening Tips for Beginners

Garden Flowers

Gardening is an art and a science. However, it’s not exact and it’s certainly not exclusive. It might not seem it when you walk past 20 pristine front gardens on the way to your own front door, but gardening really is for everyone. So, don’t be intimidated, pick up your tools and follow our list of essentials for gardening beginners.   Plants & Soil Knowing the type of soil you have in your garden is essential if you want your garden the thrive. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as simply…

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Essential Tips to Protect Garden Plants From Winter Chill

Frosty Plants

It’s early January and the winter season has very much made itself at home, but that doesn’t mean you should be stuck in yours as now’s the time to really get your act together to protect your garden. If you’ve not prepared for winter up until now, then you may just be lucky enough to have got away with it – after all, all Brits know that up until January the temperature is still positively mild. To protect your garden from the freezing temperature, strong winds and heavy rain though,…

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