Controlling Weeds Without Chemicals

Weeds are the ultimate pest to gardeners. Quite often, it doesn’t matter what you do; as quickly as you remove weeds from your garden, they’ve sprouted up somewhere else. Despite there being plenty of strong chemical weed killers available, if you want to use the ground to grow plants – specifically fruits and vegetables – then it’s best to avoid the chemicals. One of the most effective weed killers is you, and a few preventative measures you can put in place to stop weeds from recurring.   Can a non-chemical…

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Creating a flowerbed from scratch

Gardens are the envy of many people and certainly many neighbours. A pristine, well landscaped garden is something we all long for. However, it’s something that seems out of reach for so many, despite being perfectly within reach. To create a perfect flowerbed from scratch you don’t need any special skills, or even any previous green-fingered experience because we’re about to show you how.   Remove grass and unwanted vegetation Once you’ve decided exactly where you’d like your garden bed to be, you need to remove all grass and vegetation…

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Snow-proofing your garden

The UK has suffered some very weird weather patterns over the last few weeks and despite it being the 19th March, spring has most definitely not sprung.   It’s snow problem Although it might seem like the end of the world, one day of light snow shouldn’t be enough to kill your spring plants. Rather than panicking it’s important to remember that the soil must have been workable in order to be able to plant anything, and one day of unexpected weather isn’t enough to freeze it again. However, if…

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Top tips for dog proofing your garden

They say man is a dog’s best friend. In reality though, it’s their gardens. Your dog will love your garden. However, they don’t tend to appreciate neat borders and well-crafted decking. Dogs generally like to wreak havoc in our gardens. However, there is a way to get the best of both worlds. Take a look at our top tips for preventing pets from becoming garden pests.   Keep your dog out of your flower beds A dog digging and lying down in the flower beds is a gardener’s worst nightmare.…

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Lawn Care and Gardening: The Ultimate 2018 Guide

Sprouted spring flowers daffodils in early spring garden

As we are right in the middle of the festive period, thoughts are moving towards the new year and what we want to achieve in our homes and gardens. The new year can bring endless possibilities and gives you a chance to get things organised. Why not make this year the best yet and make your house a true relaxing haven for you and your family? Our effective lawn care and gardening tips are sure to get you off on the right foot. Plan Ahead This is the perfect time to plan…

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Summer sowing, what should you be growing?

Young girl sowing seeds

Unless you’re a truly seasoned gardener, it can be difficult to know what to sow and when. And, if you decide on the wrong thing at the wrong time of year then the results – or lack of – can be a more than a little disheartening. With this comprehensive guide we’ve tried to give you all the info you need to sow successfully through the summer and into autumn to ensure a great crop of fresh vegetables throughout the winter.   Looking after your sowings Ideally, you should start sowing…

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Unmissable Weekend Garden Offers

Summer Garden Flowers

  It’s been a fabulous week for UK weather this week and lucky for us, it’s given out a great weekend too which means people will be heading out into their gardens and making the most of the weather – let’s be honest, it probably won’t last too long. Anyway, with that in mind, here’s a round-up of the best garden related offers of the weekend.

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