Lawn Care and Gardening: The Ultimate 2018 Guide

Sprouted spring flowers daffodils in early spring garden

As we are right in the middle of the festive period, thoughts are moving towards the new year and what we want to achieve in our homes and gardens. The new year can bring endless possibilities and gives you a chance to get things organised. Why not make this year the best yet and make your house a true relaxing haven for you and your family? Our effective lawn care and gardening tips are sure to get you off on the right foot.

Woman checking list on clipboard for organic fresh agricultural product
Woman checking list on clipboard for organic fresh agricultural product

Plan Ahead

This is the perfect time to plan out what you want to achieve in your garden in the whole year. Break it down into seasons and plan what work you want to do on your lawn, edges and plants. Which plants do you want to see in your garden? Perhaps some colourful flowers to brighten up 2018? Making your garden and lawn healthy and lush all year round is all about preparation and being consistent. Don’t let it get on top of you and create lists of small, achievable tasks that you can do each month. For example, in January, you can recycle your Christmas tree for mulch or put out food for hungry birds. Plan through each month and decide how often you will be watering and mowing your lawn, as regular check-ups and treatments is key to achieving a lush, healthy lawn.

Prepare Now for Spring Blooms

Clean out your greenhouse and plant pots ready for planting. Do some shopping for seeds to decide what you want to plant in your garden. Even in the coldest months of the new year, you can still sow things like leeks, onions and cabbage in boxes. Make sure all your edges are trimmed and ready to go once the warmer weather starts to kick in. If you’ve got all of this in check then you’ll be well on your way for a bright Spring ahead.

Sprouted spring flowers daffodils in early spring garden

Introduce a Healthier Lifestyle

Usually in the new year we are all wanting to introduce healthier aspects into our lives. Lawn care and gardening can absolutely contribute to this and bring health into our lives in so many ways. Why not plant a new vegetable that you can cook with? Even getting out into the garden and doing some weeding, trimming or mowing is great physical exercise and has proven mental health benefits. Being outside provides you with plenty of Vitamin D and keeps your mind and body active. This is something positive you can achieve in 2018 that will be considerably less daunting than joining a gym!

Summer Plans

I’m sure, just like us, we are already dreaming of the cold weather fading away to bring warmer days! Whilst looking ahead to summer, planning a holiday abroad can be costly and time consuming, and in some ways quite stressful. Why not plan to spend more time at home this summer, enjoying the nature that is already around us? If you invest now into the care of your lawn and garden, by summer you will have a green haven to relax in and enjoy. Introduce some seating into your garden and have friends and family round. There are few pleasures as simple as lying back on a plush lawn with a good book, enjoying the fruits of your gardening labours.

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