Treating hay fever naturally

Following on from last year’s post on natural hay fever remedies, we’ve done a little more research. As a hay fever sufferer myself, (puffy watery eyes, constantly sneezing, skin rashes at the mere thought of grass – the works) it’s something I will quite frankly try anything to get a bit of relief. If you’re a hay fever sufferer too, have a look at last year’s post or keep reading for even more ideas.   Polloney “What on earth?” I hear you ask. Well, on pretty much every hay fever…

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Natural Hay Fever Remedies You Should Definitely Try


Well, it’s official, spring has most definitely sprung and if you’re a hay fever sufferer you’ll have noticed it much more than most. For the majority, blue skies and warmer temperatures are the winter prayers finally arriving. However, for one in five people (according to the NHS) it’s a double edged sword of complete joy that winter’s finally over, combined with the hellish symptoms that come with a pollen count of medium or higher. If you’re a regular hay fever sufferer – yes, there are a few who’re lucky enough…

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