Top tips for dog proofing your garden

They say man is a dog’s best friend. In reality though, it’s their gardens. Your dog will love your garden. However, they don’t tend to appreciate neat borders and well-crafted decking. Dogs generally like to wreak havoc in our gardens. However, there is a way to get the best of both worlds. Take a look at our top tips for preventing pets from becoming garden pests.


Keep your dog out of your flower beds

A dog digging and lying down in the flower beds is a gardener’s worst nightmare. Not only does it flatten the garden, it crushes flowers you’ve spent month’s perfecting. In order to avoid this, insert stake into the ground throughout the bed. The stakes should only be short, so as not to be seen. This will be enough to ensure your flower beds are too uncomfortable for your dog to take a nap.


Fresh mulch and seed

Keeping your dog away from freshly mulched or seeded beds can be a huge challenge. However, there’s one simple way to stop it. When pruning, keep aside some thorny branches. Set these into the beds at regular intervals. This should be enough to deter your dog from venturing into your beds.




Chicken wire provides a great deterrent

It may sound like an eyesore, but chicken wire isn’t all that visible when opened out in a garden. Use tall stakes to line the perimeter of your beds and lawn and lean the chicken wire up against them. This will create enough of a barrier for your dog while maintaining the beautiful aesthetics of your garden. When summer comes around it’s much easier to monitor your dog in the garden as you’ll be out there too. So, roll the wire fence back in until you need it again.


Use herbs to create strong smells

The pungent smells of herbs like rosemary and sage deter animals from your garden beds. Not only that, it’s the perfect way to add some flavour to your home cooked dishes.


Create a play area for your dog

It might sound crazy, after all you’re trying to stop your dog from digging. However, creating a dedicated doggy play zone for your pet will help make sure they keep away from your flower beds. Leave a small patch of bare soil when laying your lawn. Dig a hole and fill it with sand. Add your dog’s favourite toys as a final touch and they’re sure to be too busy to rampage through your flower beds.


dog digging


Garden protection from fleas

It may come as a surprise, but there are plenty of natural flea solutions you can use to accompany the monthly flea treatment you give to your dog. Using cedar chips to make baths and in your flower beds is a natural way to help protect your pets from fleas – so encourage them to get rolling.


Citrus rind

Burying the rind of citrus fruits like orange and lemon in the soil will deter your dog from digging. The strong scent puts them off and will ensure they opt for an activity that’s somewhat less smelly.

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