The Dos and Don’ts of Disguising a Septic Tank Cover

Septic tank cover

Although they’re unavoidable in rural areas for reasons we’re all aware of. They’re an eyesore for the people who have no choice but to accommodate them on their property. Thankfully, the tank is often buried in the ground with a thick cover being the only access point. However, as access is required semi-regularly, hiding it is not as simple as covering it over permanently. To avoid any nasty disasters – you know what we mean – we’ve put together a comprehensive list of possible disguises. We’ve also added in a few things you should definitely not do to hide your septic tank cover.



septic tank cover

Do not, under any circumstances, plant trees or large bushes next to the tank. Although they might seem like the perfect and most obvious disguise, they can cause a lot of damage.

The roots of trees and large bushes can be huge. If you plant them too close to your septic tank there’s danger of the roots growing into it and piercing it. This would not only result in a huge mess, but also an expensive fix, too. If you’re going to plant trees or bushes nearby, ensure they’re at least 25 feet away from the drain field.


Potted plants

Large potted plants are a perfectly safe way to disguise the tank’s cover. Choosing a potted plant avoids the issue of large roots interferring with the pipework and the tank itself and therefore avoids any expensive repairs.



Do not cover the access point with grass. The tank will need to be accessed on a regular basis and a permanent cover will prevent this. Septic tank covers are usually above ground level so many people try to raise the ground to create a level finish. Consider decking with an access point over the tank as a great alternative to grass. It’s perfect as it’s a great looking cover but can also be removed for access.



It’s easier than you think to make an accessible feature from your septic cover. A rockery is a great way to add texture and height to your garden in the form of a stunning feature. As the rocks aren’t permanent, it means that when the time to empty your tank comes, they can be moved easily for access and replaced afterwards.



septic tank cover

Although their roots are unlikely to impact on the tank, planting any kind of edible produce nearby should be avoided. You should stay well away from the drain field if you’re considering a vegetable plot, to avoid any contamination.



If you’ve got a large garden, a statue might not be so out of place and is a really creative way to hide your tank cover. The statue will command enough attention to take people’s eyes off your septic tank. If you choose a statue that’s big enough, it could even cover the access point completely.


Decorative grasses

Tall grass can be planted around the cover without harming the tank or the pipework as their roots are fibrous. The height means it acts as the perfect disguise to an unsightly object.

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