Halloween at Home: Fun for Everyone


At this time of year, heading out on a dark, cold evening is the last thing on your mind. Even more so when, as a parent, you’re faced with the task of trick or treating. So, this year, avoid walking the streets with your little monsters and have Halloween at home – don’t worry, with our tips it’ll be fun for you too.

This year, Halloween falls on a Tuesday which falls right in the middle of half term for some, but for anyone not lucky enough to be off that week, it might be a good idea to hold your party the weekend before.

With our collection of handy tips and tricks kids and grown-ups alike are sure to have a spooktacular time.




Halloween snacks

The Coffin Dip – use an unsliced farmers loaf, remove the top and the majority of the bread in the middle to make the coffin. Fill the coffin with egg mayonnaise, a tuna mayonnaise mix or another equally squishy sandwich filling. Use the top that you sliced off earlier as the lid to the coffin. Use the filling of the loaf to scatter around the edge of the coffin for people to dip into the filling.

Halloween snacks

Mummy Dogs – cut ready-made dough into thin strips and wrap them around hot dog sausages, leaving a small section exposed near the top. It’s the simplest of snackHalloween snackss but makes something so, so tasty. You can even cut the hot dogs in half to create bite-sized snacks for the kids. Use ketchup or mustard for the eyes as a finishing touch.


Worms in Dirt – it might sound disgusting but it’s the tastiest dessert for kids and adults alike! You need some small plastic cups/bowls, chocolate mousse, smashed chocolate cookies and gummy worms. Put the chocolate mousse into the bottom of the cup and push some gummy worms in there for good measure. Add the crumbled cookie to the top and garnish with a few more gummy worms. It’s okay to treat yourself every now and again!


Drinks for kids

Mummy juice cartons – it’s understandable to want to limit the kid’s sugar intake on such a treat-filled day of the year, so this is the perfect spooky option. Choose sugar free cartons of juice and wrap them in white paper, adding googly eyes as a finishing touch. The kids will love them.

Jack o’lantern drinks – make up an orange smoothie full of fresh fruit or opt for an orange coloured sugar free soft drink. Fill some plastic glasses and use a black marker to draw a variety of Jack o’lantern faces.


Drinks for adults

Halloween drinks

Black Magic Margarita – use black sanding sugar to line the rims of the glasses, make a traditional margarita and add some black food colouring until your desired shade of darkness is achieved. For the full recipe, check out delish.

Halloween drinks

Transformation cocktail – made famous by the Jekyll and Hyde club in New York. It’s called Transformation because apparently, you can’t taste the alcohol and you only feel it once you’ve stood up after drinking a glass. Its red colour makes it perfect for Halloween – you can find the full recipe here.

By catering for all of your family you’re all sure to have a fantastic time in the warm this Halloween

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