Creating Privacy in your Garden – Great Ideas for a Garden Fence

Privacy can be a big issue in gardens, especially if you live on an estate or terraced street. A high fence and thick hedges block light, but a low fence and hedge mean that you can regularly see and hear your neighbours. Although you might not wish to see your neighbours all that often, it’s important that you do think about then when trying to increase privacy in your garden. Disputes over fence heights and positioning are all too common and are best avoided if you wish to get on…

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Heating Oil Tanks: Hide the Hideous!

Heating Oil Tank

If you are one of the 1.5 million homes in the UK which rely on heating oil, you’ll understand the struggle of maintaining a gorgeous garden with an unsightly lump of plastic ruining the view.  We’ve put together some ideas for disguising an oil tank, giving you back the scenic garden of your dreams, without compromise. These tips will also be useful if you wish to disguise bins, recycling, or any other element of your garden you deem unattractive. A heating oil tank can vary in size, typically ranging from…

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