Attracting wildlife to your garden: the how to guide


Inviting wildlife into your garden is surprisingly easy and doesn’t cost a fortune. With our top tips you’ll have families of birds, mammals and bugs, enjoying your garden in no time. Bird/nesting boxes Bird boxes will encourage birds to breed in your garden but the types of birds you see will depend entirely on the type of box you introduce to your garden. When putting up nesting boxes you should ensure they’re sheltered and protected from the elements. Summer is always a good time to add them to your garden…

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Essential Gardening Tips for Beginners

Garden Flowers

Gardening is an art and a science. However, it’s not exact and it’s certainly not exclusive. It might not seem it when you walk past 20 pristine front gardens on the way to your own front door, but gardening really is for everyone. So, don’t be intimidated, pick up your tools and follow our list of essentials for gardening beginners.   Plants & Soil Knowing the type of soil you have in your garden is essential if you want your garden the thrive. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as simply…

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All You Need to Know When Planning a Summer Staycation

family staycation

Sometimes, there really is no place like home. This notion certainly applies when it comes to summer holidays, especially if you have a family. Going abroad is becoming more expensive every year – especially since the slump of the pound – so a staycation is most definitely the new vacation. Here, we’ve put together a selection of great tips for planning a summer staycation that won’t cost the earth.   Rules It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about holidays, but they’re really…

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Garden Games, Perfect for Summer Days

Garden Games

Whether you have friends over for a BBQ or you’re just passing the time with family, garden games are a summer staple. Outdoor games bring a touch of fun to an afternoon in the garden. These modern takes on classic games are ready to play without the need of reading a detailed instruction booklet which means the whole family can get involved – yep, Granny too. Limbo – Big Game Hunters – £22.99 A test of flexibility perfect for anyone who dares to get involved. There will certainly be a…

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Getting Your Garden BBQ Ready


With the warmer temperatures of the last couple of weeks, we’re pretty sure a fair few of you will have already have enjoyed your first barbecue of the year – and why not?! However, if your garden wasn’t quite ready for the occasion, so you were limited to the patio, or perhaps you’ve not had a barbecue at all yet this year, here are five easy tips that’ll help you get your garden looking ship shape and barbecue ready.   Mow that lawn! It’s the obvious, and probably the only,…

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Cool Alternatives to a Hotel Stay


Hotels are great, very often they’re extremely luxurious, but they’re also very samey and can definitely get a bit boring – especially if you’re one of those people to embark on the same holiday to the same hotel, year after year. If you fancy a change of scenery we’ve certainly got you covered, with everything from almost invisible treehouses to harbour-side cranes and everything in between… Treehouse It looks stunning already, doesn’t it? Wait until you see inside… Located in the county of Somerset, The Treehouse at Harptree Court is…

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Natural Hay Fever Remedies You Should Definitely Try


Well, it’s official, spring has most definitely sprung and if you’re a hay fever sufferer you’ll have noticed it much more than most. For the majority, blue skies and warmer temperatures are the winter prayers finally arriving. However, for one in five people (according to the NHS) it’s a double edged sword of complete joy that winter’s finally over, combined with the hellish symptoms that come with a pollen count of medium or higher. If you’re a regular hay fever sufferer – yes, there are a few who’re lucky enough…

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Unmissable Weekend Garden Offers

Summer Garden Flowers

  It’s been a fabulous week for UK weather this week and lucky for us, it’s given out a great weekend too which means people will be heading out into their gardens and making the most of the weather – let’s be honest, it probably won’t last too long. Anyway, with that in mind, here’s a round-up of the best garden related offers of the weekend.

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